Step One : Looking at website products,
open the can see our product have divided into three categories. it have fashion sunglasses/ sports sunglasses/classic sunglasses.

you can glance over whole website,find the products you want into product link to product information.
Step Two : Add to product to wishlist or cart
IF you have any question about product or price or material and so're welcome to contact us. When everything is ok.

Choose product you want to buy,but you don't want buy it immediately. add to wish list for next purchase.

IF you want to buy it add to cart.
Step three : SHOPPING CART
When you click "ADD TO CART",it will appear a section product's quantities/colour/type and so on.

IF you click "VIEW SHOPING BAG".You can revise quantities/type/color of the product you gonna buy.

IF you click "CHECKOUT".it will show another page,and request fill in personal information like e-mail/phone number/ship address.
Step Four : Filling In Main Information
This page need you fill into some information.

First information is E-mail or mobile phone number.because we need to contact you to confirm this order.

Next,you need to tell us your name/company/address/city and so on.The more detailed the better.Because this is related to express delivery costs, and when making PI, we need to estimate the arrival time.

When the information is filled in. please check the information on the right will show product details and total cost.Please check carefully.

After everything is continue to shipping.
Step Five : Confirm Product/personal information and total cost
When you click "continue to shipping",it will go to confirm page.This page is also divided into two blocks.

in the left page.Please check your personal information like e-mail/Phone number and address.the system will automatically generates delivery prices.

in the right page.this product information,it contain quantities and types and colours and total costs. Please check it carefully. IF everything is "continue to payment".
When you click "continue to payment". you can use visa/paypal to pay. As Payment arrived our account. we will produce&Deliver goods.

when you receive the goods. the deal is done. we hope to cooperate again.