a. Cancellation BEFORE Payment

- If you still haven’t paid for your Order, then there’s no need to contact us about a cancellation – as we do NOT process orders before Payment has been cleared.

b. Withdrawing an Order AFTER Payment:

- If you’ve already paid for your Order and wish to cancel it, please contact our Customer Service Department at as soon as possible!

- If you’re not sure of any issues related to your Order or you just wish to change it, please contact our Customer Service Department and put your Order ON HOLD while you make your decision. This will then suspend the Packaging Process until you confirm us about the changes.

- If your Package has already been dispatched, then we are NOT able to cancel or change the order.

- If you wish to cancel an existing Order because you are ADDING other Products, there’s no need to cancel the entire order. Simply contact out Customer Service Department at and we’ll process your newly Updated Order – and there’s usually NO Additional Fee attached for this!

- If your Order is still in an early Processing Stage, generally it’s possible to change or cancel it – you can ask for a Normal Refund, but we can also provide it as a Credit for Future Orders.
Usually, we do NOT accept Returns due to the very high Shipping Costs. For any inquiries in that regard, please contact our Customer Service Department at for further discussion, while providing the following Information:

a. Your Original #Order Number;

b. The Issue you are having with your Product(s);

c. Clear Photographs and explicit Details that can show and explain the Problem;

d. Your Shipping Address and Phone Number (with your Country’s Dialing Code).

PLEASE NOTE: We will only accept Returns or send Partial Refunds if the issue exists and is indeed previously confirmed with us. We are UNABLE to process any Returned Items which have been sent back to us without any prior Agreement. This process can only be initiated within 2 calendar days after receiving your Items. is always committed to process and deliver your Order as swiftly as possible to the selected Transport Agency. Nevertheless, cannot be held responsible:

a. For Damages resulting from bad Transporting or Transport Malfunctioning – especially for reasons such as Industrial Actions, Traffic Congestion and, in general, any other typical reason of that sector that can originate delays, product loss or theft;

b. For Technical Issues with accidental causes or any other kind that may prevent the normal use of the Online Service;

c. For when the Website is Offline for Maintenance purposes or any other reasons that may prevent the user to access the Online Service. will always use every available means to provide you the process of Selection, Payment and Shipment of your desired Product(s). However, refuses responsibility for any Third Party issues, fortuitous circumstances or force majeure situations.